Guide to manually install Alexa on RPI3b+ using Matrix Voice?

I would like to setup Alexa on an up-to-date version of Raspbian, preferably buster. I believe the guide on does not quite work for Raspbian Buster 10, so is there another guide you could recommend for manual installation?

Hi @GeorgeMina,

The Hackster guide we have should theoretically work on Raspbian Buster. Have you tried this already?

We will let you know how it goes once we test this on our end as well!


Hi Samreen, thanks for your response. Yes I have tried it, and after running:

$ bash ./ ./config.txt

I was getting errors around 5% - 6% and the process was exiting with an error code. If needed, I can recreate the error and give you more information. I’ve just gone back to using Stretch now.

Many thanks!

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