HAL support for MATRIX Voice

Hi community!

I just got a new and shinny Matrix Voice. I would like to develop custom software that uses the MIC array on the MATRIX Voice. I connected the Voice to a Raspberry Pi 3 and while looking at the documentation I saw that the best way to go for me was to use the HAL layer. However, the HAL layer here seems to be for the MATRIX Creator. I am aware that the CREATOR has extra sensors that the VOICE doesn’t have but I thought that the Mic array would be the same. It seems that this is not the case, and looking at another post I found that the MIC positioning is different and this is of course very importing for the beamforming algorithms. I found from another post that there is a correction in another branch of the HAL layer for the MATRIX Voice Mic positioning here. My question is, regarding the microphone array, is this the only difference between the MATRIX Creator and the MATRIX Voice? Is it safe for me to use the HAL layer of the MATRIX Creator to develop software for the MATRIX Voice (after taking into account the different positioning)? Sorry for the long post. Best wishes to all.

  • Federico D.

Hi @fexadom,

The differences are :

  • The sensors present in the MATRIX Creator
  • Slightly different FPGA
  • Different positions for mics in the board

Regarding your question about using HAL, yes you can use HAL example for MATRIX Voice. You just won’t get any sensor data from it.

Let us know if you need more help

Actually I found that the Mic array positions IS VERY IMPORTANT! The directional audio example does not therefore work.