How Can I Use MV With ESP32 A Standalone Array For My PC?

One of my main reasons why I bought this was because it was said that the MV with ESP32 could be used as a standalone. However I have seen virtually no tutorials on how to make this work with a PC and without a Pi.

Can someone help me?

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You need a Pi to program the ESP32. (After that the leds can blink standalone.)

The answer is NO! You cannot use MV as a standalone (bluetooth or usb) microphone.
It might be the lack of imagination or importance assigned to this use case by the Matrix team or simply that the ESP32 cannot handle continous transmission.

There is no tutorial, or attempt to make it work. So, unless you are a pro at programming the ESP32, your only use for MV is Alexa or Google assistant.

@Romkabouter is working on a standalone use case, not sure if it’s what you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply. I knew you have to have a Pi to initially program it. Which in my opinion, it rather ridiculous. Especially if a device is claiming to be a standalone. However if what you say is true, that is unacceptable. The marketing for this paperweight was clear that it could be used standalone.

I have no use or desire to use MV for Alexa or Google Assistant. What a waste of money.

shakes head

This looks like something. You still need a pi.

I feel you, I am in the same boat. I don’ț need an assistant, I need a microphone array.

It’s weird, I’ve read that they have 20+ devs or something… what a waste of money.

I literally have no use for this so, I am selling my unit if anyone is interested.

Damn shame, I had high hopes for this product.