How to build malos from sources?

The documentation on building from sources is incomplete.

Right now I’m stuck on locating matrixio_protos library.

What are the proper locations for all required dependencies?

I’ve managed to figure this one out, the unmerged branch ( is required (WTF?).

Come on, guys, is the project alive? It’s not a 50 cents piece of hardware, you could have provided at least some response (at least acknowledge getting the question), or just add a disclaimer for the new buyers saying «after giving us 100 bucks you are on your own», so that people would consider other options more carefully.


Hi sorry could be a silly question but how did you use the unmerged branch? Been struggling to set this up for days… Thanks in advance!

After you’ve cloned the protocol-buffers repo, do git checkout av/namespacesio_pkg and build/install that branch.

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