How to configure the microphone array of Matrix Creator

Try to use the microphone array of Matrix Creator via JS, noticed the below JS testing code on github, but Any idea of the right configurations for these settings? many thanks

// setup gain for all microphones

// setup a sound source perpendicular to the MATRIX Creator
micarray_cfg.set_sound_speed_mmseg(341 * 1000)

I would also like to get here some more information about these values

Got this response from Matrix team in Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange community.

// Microphone Array params
message MicArrayParams {
// gain for all microphones
int32 gain = 1;

// Spherical coordinates for beamforming (azimutal_angle,
// polar_angle, radial_distance_mm).
// azimutal angle (must lie between -pi/2 an pi/2)
float azimutal_angle = 2;

// polar angle (must lie between -pi/2 an pi/2)
float polar_angle = 3;

// distance from the center of the MATRIX Creator to the sound source.
float radial_distance_mm = 4;

// sound speed in mm/seg
float sound_speed_mmseg = 5;


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Found this pic, not sure how to apply it on the mics of Matrix Creator,