How to tell which board I am on?

I have software that runs (using only c++ / HAL) on both the matrix creator and the matrix voice. How do I tell which version of the board I am on?

Also, everloop_image.h in the matrix-creator-hal appears to be hard coded to 35 LEDs. This needs somehow to detect the platform and set the number of LEDs accordingly.

have a look at the:


it is trying to detect the different boards by the fpga device id, there is a demo in the hal driver reading the device id and firmware version. but it seems that the stock hal driver does not set the correct everloop size, so a cpp developer should fix that :slight_smile:

i also have updated my python-hal implementation to detect the correct device and also set the correct everloop size:

but i do not have a voice device, so i could not test it.

@loom: That bash file had exactly what I needed! thank you!