How to use the SPI bus


I’ve looked in the docs and GitHub for details on how to interface to an external device on the SPI bus.

Can someone direct me to any info or give me a place to start please?

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look through raspiconfig settings and enable it

Thanks but I have been through the docs so I know I needed to enable the kernel module.

msybe some clarification. I have an OLED display I want to integrate whilst I have the Matrix on the rasp pi. I understand how to use SPI with just the pi but the 40oin connector isn’t taken through and the connector pins on the Matrix are from the FPGA. Where would I plug into? Is there any support for other SPI devices in Matrix OS ( understandably unlikely) or the other abstraction layers? I understand the Matrix uses the SPI bus to communicate with the everloop and IMU. Does that mean both chip selects on spi0 are used and I can’t add my own devices?

As I can’t find any details in the Matrix docs on SPI other than the on Maxtrix devices I suspect I can’t use my own.



I’ve been thinking of putting a HAT between the pi and the Creator but then I read this thread [SOLVED] Accessing i2c sensors directly

Bar no redirects from to I read that the i2c bus is brought out to the Creator expansion and I can use that.

So I’m going to go the i2c route as being more likely to work and I can answer my own questions.