I created some updated python examples that work!

I’ve submitted a pull request that updates the python examples using the zmq layer of malos. The old examples seemed to be broken and weren’t returning the correct values compared to the nodeJS zmq counterparts. This should fix this! Please test and let me know how it works!

Well done JetBlackPope. This will make life easier for all the Python guys.

Yesterday i just played with existing C code and MC though i am not familiar with C and the device with all it’s features is so interesting that it’s a pity not to use it.

I will be happy if PyAudio / Portaudio is officially supported as it’s mentioned to be.

Thank you, will try it soon.

@Sphinx I’m not quite up on the latest news, are they planning on supporting PyAudio? I haven’t yet ported anything that uses audio, was going to tackle it tomorrow.

If you have any questions with my code, let me know! It currently doesn’t have a lot of comments, but I’ve told the maintainers to delay merging my pull request until I flesh out the documentation.


It’s mentioned for instance by CreatorSean in February, see How to record with PyAudio

New update! I’ve commented and updated everything. It’s ready to be pulled into the main repo! Nothing with audio support…yet


Do we have Python code using Matrix Malos to realize something like the Matrix Hal everloop example which can be found here

Hi @JetBlackPope,

I have tested your PR but I still get some errors. Do I miss something? Or there must be some updates from Matrix Creator to be able to use your PR? However, I have also tested the original example “test_everloop.py” but I have this same error. Any idea?