I m confused... Is there a camera built-in on the Matrix Creator board?

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I bought the Matrix Creator and I have to say I was so excited that I didn’t really dig into the hardware specs section. I totally assumed the board had a built-in camera. I have to say that, after reading a few posts, I am still not sure if that is the case, and if not, which camera should I buy. I am usi.ng it along with a Raspberry Pi 3 (no camera there)

Could someone pkease clarify this? The camera was the main reason I bought this device, and although I know I should’ve read or even asked before purchasing, the website is quite vague in terms of what’s offered, and it leads to confusion.



No, there is no camera included.

You should use the official pi camera icw the Matrix Creator. The website mainpage clearly states what’s inside:
Sensors & Components
8 MEMS Microphone Array
(DIY Amazon Echo)
FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 6)
(ARM Cortex M3)
Temperature sensor
Ultraviolet sensor
Pressure sensor
3D Accelerometer
3D Gyroscope
3D Magnetometer
Humidity sensor


We working on a 360 camera solution, see Greenfield.tv

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there are different pi cams - can you detail which you recommend?

I used the picam360 out of Japan. This has a 235 lens. But now i’m working on a one 360 camera, witch uses two lenses with 220 degeree. I uses on ribon, and has a multiplexer to switch between the camera. Hope to show some results here in few moths.

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