Illegal instruction running matrix OS


Im trying to get the matrix creator running on a pi zero, (unless it is not compatible but I haven’t seen that mentioned?)

I get the following error when I try and start matrix OS

pi@kenderszeropi:~/matrix-os$ DEBUG=,-engine,-Component* NODE_ENV=dev node index.js
Environment Selected: dev
Loading… device
device Loading… device > gpio +0ms
device Loading… device > heartbeat +48ms
device Loading… device > malos +37ms
device Loading… device > network +12ms
device Loading… device > port +660ms
device Loading… device > sensor +15ms
device Loading… device > service +18ms
device Loading… device > system +25ms
device Loading… device > wifi +11ms
device Loading… device > driver > accelerometer +16ms
device Loading… device > driver > altitude +19ms
device Loading… device > driver > detection +18ms
device Loading… device > driver > gesture +20ms
device Loading… device > driver > gpio +17ms
device Loading… device > driver > gyroscope +18ms
device Loading… device > driver > humidity +18ms
device Loading… device > driver > ir +15ms
device Loading… device > driver > led +19ms
device Loading… device > driver > magnetometer +37ms
device Loading… device > driver > mic +15ms
device Loading… device > driver > pressure +56ms
device Loading… device > driver > recognition +17ms
Illegal instruction

you have found a solution to this problem ?


I’m having the same problem. clearly, with three of us running into it, it’s not a PEBKAC problem.

Hi, Sorry this slipped through the cracks.

@kenders2000 @dimimatrix @RussNelson

Can you tell me what version of Node you are running, so we can try to reproduce this issue?

node -v

If you would like an invite to our slack support channel, please DM me.

v6.7.0, which is the one you get when you say “sudo apt install nodejs” on Jessie or Stretch

@RussNelson we’ve had issues with the apt package of node. Would you run our install script?

curl | sh

This is available at

You may need to npm rebuild in the matrix-os folder as well after this is complete. We use a few packages which are compiled on the Pi, and Illegal Instruction is a very odd error to recieve.

We’ve spent lots of time going over the docs on those pages to make sure they’re current and working. Please let us know if you are successful or face additional issues.

I’ve already run this script several times, and it always results in an illegal instruction error. Just in case you have changed the script in the past few days, I uninstalled node and rm -rf’ed matrix-os, and ran the script again. Same thing.

Just to be sure, I ran npm rebuild as you suggest, but it made no change.

I’m using exactly the same hardware as you, using exactly the same Debian distribution (Slack or Jessie), and following your instructions exactly. Could you do this for me please:

Download Raspbian slack or jessie, I don’t care, whichever works.
Put it on a 16G SD card.
Boot it, get it online.
Follow your instructions.
If you can run matrix-os, GREAT!!! Take a copy of that SD card, put it online somewhere, and share the URL.
If you can’t run matrix-os because it gives you an illegal instruction error (or any other error), FIX IT.
If I download that SD card image, burn it onto an SD card of my own, and it gives me an illegal instruction error, then I want to RMA my Matrix Voice and try again with a new one.

Does that sound like a plan?

@RussNelson you’re onto something here. there’s an issue with the protocol buffer definitions not being in sync with the matrix codebase. one of those things we planned to catch with automated testing, but never got to building the tests.

give us a day to sort it out. i’ll try to flash a working image for you in the meantime.


@RussNelson and others following this thread, we found the problem in our installer script. it’s been updated and tested.

Core + Matrix OS

curl | sh

Just the core hardware drivers.

curl | sh 

Thanks for your patience.

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apt asks me if I want to install matrixio-creator-init

E: Unable to locate package matrixio-malos-wakeword

No change. Still illegal instruction.

If I re-initialize my SD card, should I start from jesse or stretch?

Yes, you’ll have to approve the packages.

Try Stretch.

I downloaded Stretch lite.

I used Etcher to flash it onto a 16GB SdnDisk Ultra SD card.

I used raspi-config to change the password, and set the SSID and passphrase, and rebooted.

I installed Matrix-OS:
curl | sh

it rebooted. I logged in again, cd’ed to matrix-os and ran node index.js

You’ll never guess what happened.

pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os $ node index.js
Environment Selected: production
Loading... device
Illegal instruction
pi@raspberrypi:~/matrix-os $

I did notice one thing: I get the same results whether my Matrix Voice is plugged-in or not. Is it possible that I have a bad Matrix Voice? Do you have a test program which can tell me if my Matrix Voice is functional?

Yes, you can try the HAL demos here

Please, let us know how this goes.

The demos all seem to work, at least the ones that don’t require a Creator. So I guess my hardware is okay. What can I try next?

Hello @RussNelson,

Great to hear that you test your MATRIX Voice and all hardware things went well :tada:.

Could you tell us what kind of project you would like to run with your MATRIX Voice, let us know :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Kevin Patino

Is there any solution for the main problem:

I want to use my matrix voice with a raspberry pi w with the latest raspbian strech lite image.
I get the the sam error as @RussNelson and wasn’t able to find a solution yet…

Thank you in advance!