Is anyone interested in programming ESP (Voice) in Micropython?

Recently I did first tests with micropython on the ESP32 of the Voice. Now I plan the port of some basic matrix ESP drivers to micropython. If someone is interested, or has already started with it, he can contact me, then we could work together.

I got the direct communication over the SPI bus to work (GPIO, Everloop, firmware info, etc.), but I think it makes sense to use the native matrix ESP32 drivers for this. Here is an example output of a micropython script running on the ESP32 that reads the FPGA firmware information:

Stay tuned.


i finally got the first milestone. i got the matrix esp hal (cpp) integrated in micropython and also started to write some c wrappers used in the micropython module.

for now i can initialize the bus and as you can see it throws an error if try it a second time in the micropython repl (on the esp32). so it seems to do something :slight_smile: :

and the matrix micropython module:

the next thing i will try, is to write out some data to the everloop :slight_smile:

yeah, i could write some date over the spi:

the leds light up. so now it’s time to implement the everloop wrapper and the other stuff.

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