Is it possible to emit sound from the microphone array of Matrix Voice?


Has anyone succeeded to emit sound using the MEMS microphones on a matrix voice device?
If so, how can I do it?


Sorry, can you give more details of what do you want to achieve? DO you want to play the audio coming from the microphones?

I would like to know whether we can emit sound (i.e., 20k) using the MEMS microphones on the device. I would like to play it and record it using the same microphones.

Before I move on to buy a device that can generate 20k sound, I wanted to know whether anyone succeeded on doing this.

I think the MEMS microphones are not designed for that. Check the datasheet here


  • Play 20k audio using a Rasp Pi audio jack
  • Use Rasp Pi GPIO PWM to output 20K pulse.
  • You could still use the MATRIX Voice/Creator to output a 20k signal using the external GPIOs or the audio amp in it.