Is my Matrix Voice broken?


I was installing my Matrix Voice device for using with google assistant.

When I switched on the power of my Pi & the Matrix Voice attached, the microphone lights were always lit.

Now, when I do that, the lights remain out.

Does that mean I can put the Matrix Voice microphone device in the trash bin or can it be something else?

Thanks for your help,

Was it a new Voice device?

Then no worries:

The yellow startup LED sequence (with 1 LED off) will be removed when a programming environment is installed.

Was that the behaviour you encountered?

Maybe, however when following the document to enable google assistant, it is not able to connect to the device in the last step (startup of the program)

Is there a way to reset it back to get the startup LED sequence (with 1 LED off) back to check it isn’t broken?


Hi @thimerion,

You can check it isn’t broken by running any of our LED examples after installing one of our library layers. I am linking the JavaScript MATRIX Lite example here for your reference. Be sure to install MATRIX HAL before following the steps there as specified in the link.

You can also try recording and playing back audio as shown here. Volume adjustment can be done by typing alsamixer in the command line.

The Google Assistant guide is in the process of being updated to the latest Google Assistant SDK and will work better at that time.

Additionally, if you are using Raspbian Buster, some of the voice assistants we integrate with have not ported their software over yet so those will not work unless you are on Raspbian Stretch.


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