Is the product ever going to be delivered?

I pledged with a friend to get two Martix devices and we have yet to receive anything. We did this over two years ago and I have heard nothing for a long time. Did we just waste our money pledging to this company or are we actually going to get a product?

Hey Tim78, we are very hard at work on your MATRIX product from the Kickstarter campaign. All of our updates on that product are on Kickstarter; accessible when you login to your profile. If you would like feel free to email me directly at for more questions. Thank you.

I just got another update that the product will be delivered in October. I am sure that will be delayed as well as it was suppose to be delivered over two years ago originally. I have become very sorry I invested in this and see I have only wasted my money. Every delivery date has been meet with more excuses on why you can’t deliver. As a fellow engineer I feel you need to take a better look at your process of implementation if you even have one at this point. You aren’t just a little late on your deadline but completely missing the mark over and over. The market place for product like this has completely changed since my original investment and the uses I was looking to apply in market are already being meet by other products. I understand you want to put out a good product but you guys completely missing the dates that you told your investors is hurting them and wasting their money. I feel interstellar space travel will be accomplished before you guys get your product delivered.

Hey Tim, sorry to hear you feel this way. If you can send us your Kickstarter email to (with name) we will follow up with you there to resolve your issues.