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Hi Samreen,

All i nice about those livestreams and such, but I would really like some more activity on the topic users create if they need help.
The last couple of weeks, hardly any reply comes from the Matrix team. Expecially the developers seem to be pre occupied with other things then helping people out on the forum.


Hey @Romkabouter,

Thank you for the post. We are continuously working on helping our community via our livestreams, guides on Hackster, and by responding to all the questions we receive.

We value your feedback and would love to discuss this further with you in order to find out what topics you have seen a lack of activity in and any other ways you think we can improve.

Please feel free to DM @Samreen and I or shoot us an email at and

Thank you,

Alfred Gonzalez
Innovation Manager - MATRIX Labs

Hi Alfred,
Thanks for reaching out, it is good that there are livestreams and hackster project, but I just feel it is not enough for this forum.

It is easy to see what my point is. If you just click latest, you will see that the last 30days or so, there has been hardly any reaction from the team other than Samreen.
I know not all has to be answered by a developer, but I feel that there is also a lot of code still in development which were said to be release within a shirt period of time.
That goes in general, but on my personal struggles I have had very little to no response on my questions, specifically regarding a audio output sample for esp32.

Maybe I am a bit frustrated over that, but I do see a decreasing amount of post by developers helping us out on technical questions. There might be a very good reason for that, but if you want to have a lively community, people should not have the feeling of being left in the dark.

If the community was big, there would be a lot of people knowing a lot of solution and helping each other, but I think this forum is still to small for that and in need of technical experts to support us non experts.