Kernel Modules roadmap, Zigbee & Zwave

@yoelrc88 and @kevindpatino (and other devs)

I’ve been making great progress the past few days. I’m working on a “smart home” project in which several Matrix devices in combination with google cloud and Domoticz should be able to control and monitor nearly everything in the house from all major rooms.

Status so far:
Google Assistant running, thanks to Kernel Modules.
Domoticz running on the pi, with RFXcom 433 Mhz module for readout of various temp sensors.
With Actions on Google, I can now talk to the matrix and have it report on the temperatures in different rooms.
(I can talk to the matrix, or even just to my phone, from anywhere)

Next steps: Experiment with various Zwave and Zigbee devices. Lights, switches, smart locks, Nest, etc…
But (once again :wink: I’m kinda stuck because the matrix drivers aren’t ready yet. Seems I need Matrix Kernel to work with audio+Google Assistant, but the Kernel Modules don’t (fully) support Zwave yet, and no Zigbee implementation yet.

Do you have any insight on the roadmap for those implementations? Or any other advice on how to currently proceed?

Additional question: Is the IR receiver implemented for Kernel yet? I can’t find anything in the docs on github about it. If not, any ETA on that? :smiley:

Looking more closely, it seems that LIRC support was removed altogether around the 15th of september 2017.
@kevindpatino : I don’t seem to measure anything on GPIO 16 at the moment, where IR_RX should be. Does the FPGA currently output the IR to that port in the latest version? The led flashes on matrix when I use a remote, but nothing seems to appear on GPIO 16 (I manually set the direction to IN, as that was removed from the radio_init).

In other words: Is there any way for me to work with the IR at the moment?

I’m doing a projet about smart home healthcare similar with yours.I use matrix creator and ZWAVE.I’d like know if you have succesful install ZWAVE GATEWAY with Matrix and control ZWAVE network?

So far, I haven’t. I couldn’t wait any longer when I was implementing ZWave and just bought an Aeon ZWave USB stick and worked with that.