Kernel Modules Updated, Microphone Functionality Restored!

Hi Everyone!

Our engineers have updated the MATRIX kernel modules to be compatible with the latest Raspbian kernels! We released MATRIX kernel modules version 0.1.7 with these updates which restore ALSA microphone functionality with the latest Raspbian. Everything should work now as is, no downgrades of anything necessary!

If you would like to access microphones through ALSA for the MATRIX Creator or MATRIX Voice, please follow the instructions provided here.

If you have any audio related issues, please create a post, and we will get to it right away!


How do we remove the workaround which was downgrading kernel to 4.14?

Hi @marcelser,

To undo the previous workaround please run the following commands one by one…

sudo apt-mark unhold raspberrypi-kernel

sudo apt-mark unhold raspberrypi-kernel-headers

sudo apt purge matrixio-kernel-modules

sudo apt purge raspberrypi-kernel-headers

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

sudo reboot

sudo apt install matrixio-kernel-modules

sudo reboot
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