@kevindpatino When will customers not have to jump though hoops to get Matrix Voice working

@kevindpatino The Alexa example on Hackster is flawed and required a few more hours of research to get to recognize the wakeword.

IS matrix going to provide a BETTER user experience as the current one sucks. Using Creators code is not the answer.


Hey mate! Since there are more people in your situation, could you share the details you found to fix the issues?

It would be really helpful.

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Hello Guys,

Now we are working on the ALEXA SDK (c++), Now, it’s working. We are writing a new hackster recipe.

1- @ionu Yes, we know the current implementation has some compatibilities troubles. That was the reason to start with the kernel modules. https://github.com/matrix-io/matrixio-kernel-modules.

Respect the current recipe, it uses the java-engine, it is under maintenance https://github.com/alexa/alexa-avs-sample-app.

I will keep posting updates here in the community about its status.

Thank you for your valuable feedbacks.

Best Regards,

Kevin Patino

Firstly do not get me wrong, I have high hopes for what you are doing but I just feel as others do that you should have made sure that you had a FULLY working much easier implementation BEFORE making the boards available for purchase. There is nothing worse for a product or company reputation than releasing a product that is unfinished. I have seen many. eg: Bluebean is one

You are in a slightly better position reputation wise in that you already have a working and seemingly respected product the Matrix Creator to back you up otherwise I would have given up on the Voice already as I would not want to wait months for you to finalize the code base.

I will list my Alexa issue in a sepperate post so it can be properly logged.

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