Kickstarter update?

Hi everyone, I backed this project on kickstarter, but its been a long time since the last update, and the estimate delivery date was May 2016, we are now in September and I still don’t have my Matrix.
I already send a message through Kickstarter but no one answers.
Thank you.

Hi Flavio,

Thanks for reaching out. As per our last update, MATRIX is slated for release during Q4 of 2016. Please see more detail in this update:

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out at

Thank you,


I’m still a little confused about the Kickstarter project “Matrix” versus the “Matrix Creator” - can you be clear exactly what the difference is?

Hi Thelle,

Think of MATRIX as a smart home hub that anyone can use, without programming knowledge. The idea is that you download apps from our app store (that developers, aka “Creators”, have built) and utilize it as your home automation, security, and virtual assistance device. Note: the functionality of MATRIX goes beyond the home, as countless apps can apply to enterprise and small business cases.

MATRIX Creator is the developer-focused version of MATRIX. The current functionality of this sensor-packed development board is 95% of what the MATRIX will have and you can picture it sitting inside MATRIX. Providing developers with this tool now, allows us to welcome amazing apps to the platform that people will potentially be able to download in the future.


Team MATRIX Creator