L.I.S.A. home automation system with Matrix Creator Board


Hey everyone !

I created an open source Home Automation system called L.I.S.A. it’s a node js project based on (Trails/Express) for backend and Angular 4 for frontend. The system run great on raspberry pi 2/3 and allow you control your devices by voice commands. The architecture works with plugin that give the compatibility with new devices (widgets and voice commands).

I’m working on giving voice to L.I.S.A. with by default PICO TTS and additional support for Amazon Polly if you have/create an account for it.

I already start the compatibility with the Matrix Creator Board by giving feedbacks with leds and use microphone array for offline detection (with snowboy) of the keyword and then use Google speech. Next things will be IR commands and get values of sensors.

About plugin I already have Kodi plugin that works with voice commands (manage play/pause/stop, launch a movie or an episode of tv show), also have plugins for Sony VPL projector, Philips HUE Lights, IP Webcams…

There a lot to do in this project and I need help to create more plugins to be compatible with more devices (like zwave, mqtt, ifttt…) but also to work on front part (user profile, improve ui…). I also need help on core of L.I.S.A. to stabilise the architecture, I also think about put it under docker for easier deployment but don’t know anything about it.

Here are the repos https://github.com/mylisabox any feedback is appreciated :wink:


Hi jaumard,

You project looks great so far. I would really like to have a better look at what you’ve done so far and see how I can get involved with your project.

I can see mention using snowboy and google speech api which is cool.

Looking at your website I can see that you have a team which indicates a commercial interest, but also your code is licensed under GPL, and you elaborate your intentions here?

I will try and set up your software this week or weekend to experiment.

I may be able to help with docker as I have some experience there, but also I am experienced in nodejs, but not so much Angluar 4, as we use react and vuejs where I work.

Looking forward to playing with your code!


Hey Paul !

The website is really old (tree year old) and need an update, here is the quick full story about L.I.S.A. : with my team we participate into a European Hackathon where we present this home automation system (you can see the demo on the website too). We win two prices at this hackathon and decide to try create a startup and try building it.
After some time we decide to stop because lack of electronical and production knowledge and also big competitor like google/apple/amazon start there solutions lol
But few time ago I decide to start L.I.S.A. all over again with better technology choices (and free API) for my own usage but still with the idea to make it available and usage for everyone. Then I publish it in open source in GitHub because I want to create a community around it because I think it’s a good project :slight_smile:

License is GPL because I don’t want someone to use it in a commercial solution as I will maybe try to create a small e commerce web site where I sell the full solution based on raspberry pi hardware for non developer users ^^

No problem if you don’t know Angular4 as there a lot of stuff to do in nodejs parts ^^ so you’re more than welcome :wink: if you need help or have question for the set up don’t hesitate to ask them under the Gitter channel.

I’ll try to create a new video of the current status and capabilities of L.I.S.A. and post it here.


Thanks Jaumard,

I think it was a good choice to keep it opensource, I’ll chat in gitter.