Looking for feedback on custom mic array idea

Hi all,

I have a Matrix Voice that I’ve been playing with for a client’s project. The client is interested in creating something similar (a custom mic array platform) but is wondering if it’s possible to mount the microphones radially on the disc, pointing outward.

Right now, the mics are coplanar (left drawing). Would localization still work if the mics were mounted at 90 deg angles on a disc, pointing away from the center of the disc (right drawing)?

Any thoughts on this are appreciated!

Hi @sgmustadio,

Localization should still work if the mics were vertical. If you were using ODAS for example, you would just have to adjust the appropriate placement configurations in this file.


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Those mics are nearly omnidirectional: Tilting them up won’t gain you much.

An experiment I’ve got on my list is to 3D print a small half-parabola over each mic, facing outward at the edges. There are minimal size constraints, so long as the mic is at the focus of the parabola, and the parabola itself isn’t too narrow (which could eliminate overlap between mics). Physically, this could be incorporated as a feature in a Matrix case.

Adding a parabolic reflector improves both the gain and the directionality of each mic, though the size of the parabola could mildly affect the audio aperture, though probably not noticeably.

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Great, thank you both for the feedback and information!

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