MagicMirror Integrate with MATRIX Creator

MATRIX Creator + Raspberry pi + MagicMirror + Alexa /Google Assistant = Possible ?

Sure it is, no problem.

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hi sir…
I am from India,

I am new in this Matrix , can you support , please , if that success i will purchase minimum 3 Matrix creator board , because , i saw its working is excellent , sound capturing and lights is also attractive , please support me …

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Crabseye infotech

I am not an employee, but a community member.
What is it that you want to achieve?

Sorry sir , am not aware because of no idea about the community , first time , sorry,
Sorry sir , …

I need to know the MagicMirror (

It’s ice one , project , it’s already it’s work with google assistant and Alexa using raspberry pi , using third party module

( ( (

These are links

So need to know Matrix is work with Alexa google assistant raspberry pi magic mirror

Thank you

Again sorry


Sure it can, but you need program/create all the things you need yourself.
There is no such thing as “out of the box” with Matrix Creator/Voice

sir one doubt , Matrix creator is enough for this project right ?

Sir ,i already work with raspberry pi and google assistant also… but i need to know how to sync with MATRIX Creator

I do not really understand where and how you want or need to connect the Matrix Creator.

Can you explain in more detail what it is that you are trying to build?
The MM works with modules, thisL is used on a Pi.
Your Creator can act as a microphone for that Pi, using this guide:
and start programming following one of these guides:

Sir please see the videos , and need to know how to integrate matrix creator

I know what the magic mirror is, but I do not understand HOW you want to integrate the Creator.
Because 1 of the video’s uses an USB microphone (the Alexa one)

Do you want the creator to be a microphone? If not, then what functionality should it provide?

Yes sir with out usb microphone , because matrix microphone quality is high , and it help us to also support emotional feeling , so it’s use full to use select the dress ( modules there ) and support nice led light to blink when it will answer

Thank you

Ok, so you can start with this module: using the Creator attached to the Pi you use as a microphone.
If you have succesfully done that, you can expand functionality for the rest.

You could also use the Alexa component I guess, it does not really matter.
Attach the Creator to the Pi you use for the magic mirror and that’s it :slight_smile:
Obviously, you need to setup the Creator and Pi so that the Creator functions as a microphone.

Follow this:
Then, follow this:

When done, you can use the Creator as an ALSA microphone with python (pyaudio)


ok sir … i will try…

sorry these days i was out of station

thank you for your support…