Makefile FPGA does not work

Hello, I have a problem with the FPGA Makefile, this is the error!

for i in system.v rtl/wb_spi_berry/spi2ad_bus_sync.v rtl/wb_bram/bram.v rtl/wb_conbus/conbus_arb.v rtl/wb_conbus/conbus.v rtl/wb_mcu_bram/wb_mcu_bram.v rtl/wb_gpio/wb_gpio.v rtl/wb_everloop/everloop_bram.v rtl/wb_everloop/everloop.v rtl/wb_everloop/wb_everloop.v; do echo verilog work …/$i >> build/project.src; done
for i in ; do echo VHDL work …/$i >> build/project.src; done
echo “run” > build/project.xst
echo "-top system " >> build/project.xst
echo “-p xc6slx4-2tqg144” >> build/project.xst
echo “-opt_mode Area” >> build/project.xst
echo “-opt_level 2” >> build/project.xst
echo “-ifn project.src” >> build/project.xst
echo “-ifmt mixed” >> build/project.xst
echo “-ofn project.ngc” >> build/project.xst
echo “-ofmt NGC” >> build/project.xst
echo “-rtlview yes” >> build/project.xst
echo “-register_balancing yes” >> build/project.xst
cd build && xst -ifn project.xst -ofn project.log
/bin/sh: 1: xst: not found
make: *** [build/project.ngc] Error 127

I have ISE WebPACK, the Makefile is used from this repository


Hello @lookingyou add in your bashrc:

function ISE {
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/Xilinx/14.7/ISE_DS/ISE/bin/lin64
source /PATH_XILINX/Xilinx/14.7/ISE_DS/

before you run make command, run ISE function in your terminal.



I found the problem was the installation path ISE, modify this line in Makefile and work now.