[MALOS] Temperature is getting conflicting results


I would like to ask 1st if the matrix is ready for real projects? using which language is actually most stable?

For the following questions, we are using [MALOS] with node on raspbian 3, we tested the same installation on multiple raspberri 3 devices and on many matrix creators, with all the same results:

  1. When i execute in the terminal “node test_humidity” to get temperature, the values drops to low level like 15 degrees, and that is after leaving the script running for about 30min, showing very wrong values.
    when i launch on a 2nd terminal the same cmd again, i get both terminals showing again 23 degrees, so to say the 1st terminal shows temperature 15 degrees then shows 23 degrees. i have a video for it.

  2. When i execute the cmd “node test_humidity.js” i get conflicting temperature values of when i type the same command after a while (even after 10min). Both are same command to same test file.

  3. When i run “node test_pressure.js” i get also a completly different temperature result than “node test_humidity.js” , even if i execute both commands at the same moment. And the results are not comparable to either raw temperature neither to the adjusted one. [scrsht attached]

  4. When i run “node test_zigbee” it begins to execute and shows many messages, then it stops, and the matrix doesn’t give back any response anymore even if i close the terminal and open a new one and type any command even “node test_everloop.js” like if there is no more connection to the matrix (but not powered off).

Please let me know how i should resolve these problems as we should make 8 of them ready for one customer.

Thank you.



I have also observed definitely wrong values coming out of the temperature sensor on a brand new Matrix Creator that I received last week.


I am getting the same results, Did you fix it?


i think it is not a problem with the sensor. maybe a bug in the temperature calibration calculation. as i know the sensor normally shows a higher temperatures because of the raspberry is generating heat. when using malos you can define a calibration offset. this process is described in the api. maybe the test script tries to calculate a automatic offset using the difference between current rpi cpu and the sensor temperature.