Malos-zigbee js_test error

Any Idea why crashing?

Reseting the Gateway App
Waiting 3 sec …

Message received: Connecting to the ZigbeeGateway
Message received: Connected to the Gateway
Checking connection with the Gateway
Gateway connected
Requesting ZigBee Network Status
Please reset your zigbee devices
… Waiting 60 sec for new devices
Device(s) found!!!
Looking for nodes that have an on-off cluster.
** throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event**
** ^**

TypeError: process.stdoutwrite is not a function
** at checkNetworkManagementType (/home/pi/matrix-malos-zigbee/src/js_test/test_zigbee.js:132:15)**
** at exports.Socket. (/home/pi/matrix-malos-zigbee/src/js_test/test_zigbee.js:72:5)**
** at emitOne (events.js:116:13)**
** at exports.Socket.emit (events.js:211:7)**
** at exports.Socket.Socket._flushRead (/home/pi/matrix-malos-zigbee/src/js_test/node_modules/zmq/lib/index.js:636:10)**
** at exports.Socket.Socket._flushReads (/home/pi/matrix-malos-zigbee/src/js_test/node_modules/zmq/lib/index.js:676:23)**
** at Object._zmq.onReadReady (/home/pi/matrix-malos-zigbee/src/js_test/node_modules/zmq/lib/index.js:297:10)**

It looks like the error is in line 132 of test_zigbee.js:

Should be instead:

process.stdout.write(nodes_id.length + 
                           ' nodes found with on-off cluster\n');

I will add this as an issue in the malos repo.
Let me know if this change fixes it.

Thank you,

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This fixed the issue!