Matrix CLI not loading?

Hi, I have installed matrix os, took the better part of an hour but is done. Echo_device_id shows my proper ID…No problem there, I load up matrix- no problem there. Matrix loads, I get the splash screen, the matrix does a light ring test and then…There is no CLI…No matter what I type, nothing!! I have tried a multitude of times to try and reboot and the startup is perfect. It lists that I have the clock app… But it won’t start, stop, install…Nothing!! Frustrating for sure, but I believe I am obviously missing or have missed a step. This sensor array has fantastic potential, I’m a complete and utter newbie; but I’m willing to put the time in to learn. My wife on the other hand…She’s losing patience with my Christmas present that she got for me at my behest… Please any help or maybe a complete and thorough walk through would be awesome!!


Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Let’s see what we can do to get you up and running.

The CLI is intended to run on your local computer. We have dabbled with REPL which would enable commands from the matrix process, but that isn’t ready.

We have included instructions at You should be able to matrix start clock from your local computer.

Hi Sean, is the CLI supposed to run from within the terminal window? I updated all files on the RPI to no avail… this is as far I can get. The system doesn’t recognize the matrix command on the RPi.

Hi Jay,


> matrix start clock