MATRIX Creator Case Update

Hey Everyone!

We have updated the case for the MATRIX Creator!

This update fixes the screw holes that attach the top and bottom of the case as well as the size of the ethernet hole.

You can find the updated STL files here: Thingiverse MATRIX Creator Case

Hey, looks great! Does someone also have a case like that for the Matrix Voice?


Hello @leiropi,

We do not currently have a case for the MATRIX Voice.

We have some plans on creating a case for it, however, it would not be the same design. When we release such a case we will make sure to put an announcement on the community.


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I have a case I made in Fusion 360, if anyone is interested.

Same design as the Creator Case, since I also re-did the Creator Case in Fusion 360 so it could be modified.


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Looks great! Could you share the 3d model?


Creator Case:

Voice Case:


I was originally going to make a case for the Voice and the Zero (and am still working on it), but it seems kind of useless until the software supports the Audio Jack on the Voice.


Cool @gapdev! I just added that to so users can find it easily. Let me know if that is ok for you.

Thank you.

Yes that is fine. I tried to piggyback off the Github listing but couldn’t figure out how to do that. You can take all the stuff off of Thingiverse and add it to your Github if you want.


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Added a Stand-Alone version of the Voice Case. seems to be down.

What I’d really like is to get a case like the one they have in this video.

Yea, I like that case too. One for Creator and one for Voice.


Someone obviously made those cases. Does anyone know if the 3D print files are available?

Hi everyone,

Regarding the case in the video posted above:

  1. That is a Kickstarter campaign that we did and the designs are not available.
  2. The design for that is not compatible with the MATRIX Voice or MATRIX Creator.
  3. That case was designed for injection molding with special plastics so it would not be possible to 3D print it and achieve the same effect.

You can check out a MATRIX Creator case design that we have here. This design is roughly based off of the Kickstarter case in the video.

Here is a MATRIX Voice case that @gapdev made modeled after the MATRIX Creator case linked previously, and a MATRIX Voice light switch case that we made.


Hi @Samreen!

I understand that this one is not doable with 3D print, but it would be nice to have a case that actually doesn’t let the board visible :confused: even if it’s DIY and not fully 3D print (or not at all).
For example what material can we use if we want to cover the top and not mess with the different sensors ?

Also now the boards are compatible with PI 0 w but not the different case.