Matrix Creator + Gassistpi

I did not find anything on this forum about the use of the Matrix Creator (or Voice) with Gassistpi. The reason to choose Gassistpi is that it allows for a lot of additional features (including custom wakewords). I am currently trying to get this to work with the help of the creator of Gassistpi (shivasiddharth):

It seems that one of the problems is is that Gassistpi needs access to the mic array from multiple programs / threads. Any help on how to approach this is appreciated.

One of the problems I encountered is that the Matrix Creator does not function with pulseaudio, that is to say, it seems that the audio is not ported through pulseaudio. With pulseaudio installed, Gassistpi does run without errors, but there seems to be no mic signal (no wakeword is detected), and neither is there output to the speaker (via the standard jack out on the pi).