Matrix Creator initial installation

After having some trouble installing the matrix creator software, it would be quite nice to have a list of all components to be installed and all services, that need to be running on the Matrix Creator.

As far as I learned by now, there are several services that need to be running for the Matrix Creator to work correctly, hence there should be a way of checking, if everything is in place.
Some of those services did not run, maybe as a result of trying to get AlexaPi, matrix-creator-alexa-voice-services, Build DIY Amazon Alexa with a Matrix Creator on “Hands-Free” mode, or Building a voice-controlled home sound system using Snips and Sonos to run.
All of those projects might work, but they also mess around with the configuration, e.g. ~/.asoundrc, resulting in a broken audio configuration.

So, my question is, how I can check, if all services needed, are running, that the firmware is flashed (if it has to be), if bluetooth is running, etc. .
Furthermore, it would be nice to have an easy way to reset the Matrix Creator if something gets broken.

Any hints on how to do this?