Matrix Creator InitialState

I am getting this error when launching the matrix creator sensor app for the Initial State Dashboard.

var protoBuilder = protoBuf.loadProtoFile(’/home/pi/js-matrix-core-app/node_modules/protocol-buffers/matrix_io/malos/v1/driver.proto’)

TypeError: protoBuf.loadProtoFile is not a function
at Object. (/home/pi/js-matrix-core-app/node_modules/matrix-sensors.js:38:29)

This is the repo site for the project:

Please any help will be beneficial!!!

Hi @yeisonlf,

This seems to be an issue on the InitialState code side in the matrix-sensors.js file.

Try changing protoBuf.loadProtoFile to protoBuf.load in the matrix-sensors.js file as it seems the library may be outdated as found here.

If not, I suggest reaching out to InitialState people! Hope this helps :smiley:

Now I get this error regarding Node_Module_Version of Node JS but I believe Im using the latest version, so dont know what exactly to do here, or if the Module Version is something different that needs to be updated separately?


Fixed the other issue, having this one now!! Maybe is because of the outdated package.


In that case, try .build (the default one) or read through the protobufjs package to see what function to use instead.

@Samreen Im having this issue now and cant recall how I fixed it, can you help me?


Hello @yeisonlf,

It seems that the zmq package was compiled with a different version of node than the one you are currently using.

Have you tried ‘npm rebuild’ or ‘npm install’ like it says in the error log?


I believe I already did but in that case how can I compile it again with my current Node Version?

Thanks for evrything!!

‘npm rebuild’ or ‘npm install’ should’ve done it.

Since it seems you are using MATRIX Core, it is recommended to use node version 8.6 as mentioned here.

Run the following commands to do so if your node version is different.

curl -o- | bash
. ~/.bashrc
nvm install 8.6

You can check your node version using

node -v

If you v8.6 is already installed but not being used, try the following command to use it.

nvm use 8.6

Ok thanks!!! I will check if Im using it because for sure I already have it installed. But will double check. Regarding zmq, is there anything I should do?

Thank you so much for your help!!

Hi, I feel that my Matrix is broken, because I reinstalled Raspbian on it and set up Matir Core with Matrix malos and the simple node app.js is not even working doesnt respond at all. Is there anything Im missing or it could be broken?


Hi @yeisonlf,

Did you follow the steps here to install MATRIX Core?

Did you have any errors when you ran sudo apt-get update and upgrade? If you don’t remember, can you run them again and show us the terminal output? It’s possible that those processes didn’t run properly and therefore didn’t update the required packages appropriately.