Matrix creator installation to begin

I’ve just received the matrix creator and it looks like exciting.

I’d like first do a test with this instruction

But I don’t know how to install.

I’d like follow these instructions,but pages not found.

Novice & Intermediate (Or JS Preference, Apps, JS APIs).
• Use MATRIX CLI - Device Management and Deployment Tools 15
• Use MATRIX OS - Application(s) Management 10

So could you tell me how I can install to begin test matrix creator?

Thank you for your answer

Hi @bluegreen,

You can you the MATRIX Creator from all levels.

We have the MATRX OS that is the most high level way to interact with the board. You can give it a try starting here.

Then we have a second level using MATRIX CORE service ( previously known as MALOS ). This Follow instructions on the Documentation here o just in the github repo here.
This will install the service that provides communication with the Creator board using ZMQ and Protobuffers.
After installing it you can try the nodejs or python examples.

Finally, you can try a more directly way to talk to the hardware using the C++ based libraries called HAL. The guide in the documentation is here or you ca follow the readme in the github repo here.

Let me know if it helps.