Matrix Creator IR blaster

Hi Everyone,

I’ve used the following: for controlling the matrix creator IR blaster.

I’ve noticed that the IR blaster can turn on the device about 80% of the time…I’m not sure why this is and was wondering has anyone else noticed this problem?

I keep the device and matrix in the same position.Trying to fix it I’ve tried using python3 and python2, restarting pigpiod service and reinstalling dependencies each time but nothing seems to work :frowning:


Hi @alley1245,

I haven’t personally run into that problem. It may be the positioning of your MATRIX Creator relative to you TV.

The MATRIX Creator has two IR transmitters, one in the front, and one in the back. So, it would have to be positioned so that the front or the back of the MATRIX Creator is directly facing the TV, similar to what is shown in the gif below. Is that how you have it?