Matrix Creator ODAS Demo, Source Hops Error

I am using the matrix creator with a Raspberry Pi 3. I did the hackster demo and got the following:

pi@raspberrypi:~/odas/bin ./matrix-odas & [1] 18976 pi@raspberrypi:~/odas/bin ./odaslive -vc …/config/matrix-demo/matrix_creator.cfgINFO: [/dev/matrixio_regmap] was opened
Binding socket… [OK]
Listening socket… [OK]
Waiting for connection in port 9001 …
| ODAS (Open embeddeD Audition System) |
| Author: Francois Grondin |
| Email: |
| Website: |
| Version: 1.0 |
| + Initializing configurations… [Done] |
| + Initializing objects… [Done] |
| + Launch threads… [OK]
Receiving data…

[Done] |
| + Threads running… Source hops: Cannot set channel count: Invalid argument
[1]+ Done ./matrix-odas

Cannot set channel count: invalid argument.
Someone please help


Welcome to the community!

Can you send me the output of the following command in your terminal?

arecord -l

My guess is that your MATRIX device card and device number is different than the general 2,0 that is specified in our ODAS example and that this may be causing your “channel count invalid argument” issue.

If this is the case, you would have to change the corresponding numbers in the config on your device here to match your ALSA MATRIX card and device number.