MATRIX Creator Pinout for GPIO?

Hi all. I’ve beginner’s questions for you.

  1. Can the Pinout be used for general GPIO operations?
  2. If so, must I then delve into FPGA programming, or can it be done directly from the Pi side?

Please lend me some expertise.

Hi @bryce,

Yes, the Pinout in the Creator can be use as regular GPIO.
Currently the GPIO support regular I/O functions and servo I/O functions as well.
Examples of using the GIPOs are:

Using MOS (NodeJS with high abstraction level)

Using MALOS (NodeJS using protobuf ):

Using HAL (lower layer using C++)

Hope this help … please let us know how it goes!


Thanks mate. I appreciate your help.
But I’ve decided today to leave the Matrix for a while. The lack of python support really is limiting for me. I’ve neither the time nor inclination to start learning Java or C++. I’m just a hobbyist. It’ll soon be almost 1 year that Matrix has been promising python support, with no updates or schedule.

I check back in 6 months or so.
I really appreciate your help though man.
Thanks a lot.


Hi @bryce I belong to the MATRIX Creator team, via MALOS layer you can control all Matrix hardware from any language like Python. I wrote two examples for now about this, and this documentation

The first example is very easy, but I recommend see full README file, In the following days I will publish other examples:

import zmq
import time
import driver_pb2 as driver_proto

creator_ip = '' # or local ip of MATRIX creator
creator_gpio_base_port = 20013 + 36

context = zmq.Context()
socket = context.socket(zmq.PUSH)
socket.connect('tcp://' + creator_ip + ':' + str(creator_gpio_base_port)) 

config = driver_proto.DriverConfig() = 15
config.gpio.mode = driver_proto.GpioParams.OUTPUT 

while True:
    config.gpio.value ^= 1
    print ('GPIO'+str('='+str(config.gpio.value))
See you later
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Oooh, Thank you very much. That helped immensely. :smile:
I appreciate it.

One question though. Does the MALOS GPIO driver support PWM ?

Yes !

You can look here as a reference and try to do the same in python.


Uh. Yeah. I should have seen that. :persevere:

Thanks Yoel

Great !.

We are following close these small efforts on python and we’d love to see your progress in your project. Feel free to share your advances here in the community with us !


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