Matrix Creator support for OpenZwave

I’m using Domoticz ( especially Zwave for my home automation. I love to use the Matrix Creator with Domoticz, but Domoticz uses OpenZwave.

OpenZWave only supports a Static Controller and doesn’t support Bridge Controller. Perhaps add this as an option during zwave_conf.

Please support OpenZwave.

Thank you so much,


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I second this! Would also love OpenZwave support.

Any news about this?

For now the Matrix Creator is useless :frowning: I had high expectations. However, it is now collecting dusting.

Agreed Paul, such a shame that a device with these capabilities won’t support the most used z-wave implementation.

I have it partially running under Domoticz. Domoticz only search several serial ports, so I had to adjust the default serial port:

sudo ln /dev/ttyMATRIX0 /dev/ttyUSBMatrix0

After this, Domoticz (OpenZwave) recognized the Zwave Controller. The problem starts when I added a sensor. It was partially recognized. After this I got the following OpenZwave errors:

Info, TODO: handle request for 0xa8 Please report this message.

I found this issue on OpenZwave’s GitHub:
To make a long story short:

OpenZwave don’t support Bridge Firmware. As the SerialAPI is not released by Sigma, not much we can do there unless someone wants to reverse engineer it.

So please make the Matrix Creator compatible with OpenZwave.

Don’t bother. Nothing has happend to support openzwave. I’m done with it and put the creator at the garbage. It’s a shame that such a capable device with lots of capabilities doesn’t work. It’s a bad investment :frowning:

Yeah, same here. I’m checking here on the forum one last time before I bin this thing. Away it goes, what a waste of time. Both your and my thread lack the dignity of any response at all. It’s a shame that the hardware is so capable, yet the support for the community is so lacking. :tired_face:

Please make this work!