Matrix creator voice algorithms

I am using Matrix creator with alexa.It’s not performing well beyond one meter with noise(low).
Is it have echo cancellation algorithm and noise cancellation algorithm?
Do i have to install anything for those?
Does matrix voice mic is better than matrix creator mic?

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Bumping this thread because I would like to know as well. There is built in delay and sum in the microphone_array.cpp but this is mainly for beamforming. I am looking to use the Voice in a vertical setting, so this probably won’t be useful for me.

If however we get a noise cancellation algorithm that would be tremendously useful, considering this board was developed specifically for voice recognition which should be able to deal with a wide range of environments.

I don’t know anything exact, but I suspect that the FPGA code includes some optimization, which improves the audio quality. This is probably the reason why this part is not publicly available in the sources on github. Audio is always missing, but that’s just my guess. Maybe it has some other reasons…