Matrix Creator vs. Matrix Voice in pocketsphinx scenario

Hello there,

I found this video of yours where you use the Matrix Voice on a raspberry pi with pocketsphinx on it.
In that video the Matrix Voice system is communicating with another Matrix Creator in order to trigger zigbee commands.

I have several questions about this setup (before I know which of your products to buy in which quantity :))

  1. The Matrix creator that hangs on the wall - is it connected to a raspberry, too? I read somewhere that you can use the Matrix Creator as standalone, too - though I don’t understand in which use-cases. It seems that the MAtrix Voice has built-in RAM / Flash memory, but the Matrix Creator not?

  2. Would it be possible to implement this showcase with a Matrix Creator on a raspberry only? So the Creator receives the audio command, and then triggers the zigbee command?

  3. Does the Matrix Creator include the whole set of Matrix Voice functionalities? Or is the Matrix Voice board somehow tuned “better” for the voice recognition scenario?

  4. Is there any case for the Matrix Creator / Voice? In the video it looks like there is a case. Is that available for purchase? Does it host the raspberry, too?

  5. Do you have some sort of tutorial on how to implement the video’s scenario from scratch, so I could start implementing that as soon as I get the Matrix product?

Thank you VERY VERY much!

Hi @fr3sh,

  1. Yes, the MATRIX Creator hanging on the wall is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3. As you pointed out the MATRIX Creator board cannot be used as a standalone board.

  2. Yes, this same demo can be implemented using just a MATRIX Creator and a Raspberry Pi. MATRIX Creator and Voice have the same type of microphones ICs so the performance should be pretty much the same.

  3. Currently the offers the same functionalities in terms of audio/voice. In the near future MATRIX Voice will show more functionalities due to the presence of onboard Flash/RAM and the ESP32 module for the standalone use.

  4. There is a case design ready to 3D print here. This case holds a MATRIX Creator connected with the Raspberry Pi. There is no case available for MATRIX Voice + Rasp Pi yet.

  5. There is no specific guide for this exact demo but you can get it to work using the guide for matrix-malos-wakeword and using Zigbee in MOS.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


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Hi Yoel,

thank you VERY much for your help!
I’ll order both, the MATRIX Creator and the Matrix Voice then.

Thanks a lot!!

I’d like to know if MATRIX voice could be Recognition by other language like French.

If you are using Google Assitant demo of Alexa demo both support french. After getting the assistant to work you probably have to change the language in the settings.

Pocketsphinx also allow you to use French as language. Maybe this links can help you

Would be great to see a tutorial on PocketSphinx or Jasper! @yoelrc88 ?

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