Matrix creator wakeword HIGH CPU USAGE

Hello , just got my matrix creator a week ago and i’m very happy with it , but lately I’ve noticed that my raspi 3B+ freezes I have then to reboot it , i looked on internet then I run the top command and watch what happen , it seems that there is no limit for the cpu usage when i’m running the wakeword example , if I say small phrases its ok , but once the phrase is too long and more complicated it can go to 97% usage which causes the raspi freezing , i wonder if there is a way to put a limit on the cpu usage for the wake word driver , the project is supposed to be a robot that answer only when he is called , so he need to ignore any wakeword that does not begin with his name , I thinkg putting a limit on the wakeword cpu usage would be efficient , like once the complication of the wakeword is too high (cpu usage >50%) ignore this wakeword and keep listening without turning off the programm , hope you got the idea , thank you for your time

Hi @FxEng707,

What specific wakeword example/code are you using?

the python example on matrix core hereis the link

thank you

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