Matrix device has not been detected on RPI4

I’ve just got an RPI4 and tried to install the MATRIX packages using apt and they install with no problems.
but when I try the HAL examples it doesn’t work and shows the following error “Matrix device has not been detected”

Hi @ibrahimEssam,

I suspect you are using the MATRIX Creator! We are still working on the MATRIX Creator being detected on the RPi 4. There are some GPIO configurations that need to be changed in order to get it working.

Our packages have been updated for Raspbian Buster though and are currently working with the MATRIX Voice.

We will provide an update as soon as we resolve the MATRIX Creator w/ RPi 4 issue!


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Great. Thank you Samreen

Hey @ibrahimEssam,

We’ve recently pushed an update that allows for Raspberry Pi 4 support with the MATRIX Creator! We’re still testing, but you can try the update by flashing a new Raspbian Buster image and following the normal installation steps.

Let us know how it goes!


works like a charm. thank you