MATRIX HAL Documentation Update


Hello Everyone,

As part of our continued commitment to improving our platform we have just released a major update to the MATRIX HAL documentation. This update includes instructions on how to setup HAL as well as comprehensive references and examples for everything you can do with HAL. We hope this update will make HAL much more approachable and easier to develop for.

Checkout the new MATRIX HAL Documentation

Additionally, Element14 recently released a Case Study on the MATRIX Voice and MAKE: Magazine released an article on the MATRIX Voice and how it can be used for DIY AI! The MAKE: Magazine article will be featured in their latest print issue but you can checkout both articles at the links below.

Element14 MATRIX Voice Case Study
MAKE: Magazine MATRIX Voice Article

Thank you all for your support! We are committed to continuously improving our platform to make it the best we can for you, the MATRIX Community.