Matrix IR blaster Sound Issue


Hi Guys,

I followed the instructions: to set up the IR blaster/receiver on the matrix creator. It does work but I’m having a problem where after I send out an IR signal the sound on the raspberry pi wont work.

Has anyone any information on this?
I’ve tried factory resetting the pi, reinstalling the dependencies, resetting the pi audio configuration but nothing works!.

I read it could be an issue with pigpiod service but haven’t found any definite answers.

I’m using the analog output and the sound works perfectly before I used the IR blaster.



Hey @alley1245,

You’re correct. This seems to be an issue with pigpio itself. I linked a GitHub issue that goes into further details. The easiest solution I read is to use a USB speaker for sound playback.

However, since the IR emitters/receivers are exposed directly to the pi, it’s possible to use an alternative service. Below are the Raspberry Pi pins that are connected to the IR components.
GPIO 16 = IR Receiver
GPIO 13 = IR Emitter

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for you’re reply! Would you have any suggested services that could do this? Prefabally python or bash. I’ve found a few online such as this steps at the end of this page: but I’m unsure which would be the easiest to implement.

Thank you.