Matrix LED Opacity Bug

I believe there’s a bug that’s causing the opacity in the matrix.led to not work. I’ve tried changing it but it doesn’t seem to be changing anything. Is this a know bug and should I put this on the git as an issue?

matrix.led('rgba(255, 0, 100, 0.6)');

@architek1 You need to chain a render function to the LED. matrix.led().render() this sends the led to the lights

@CreatorSean I do have the render() function in my code. I don’t have a problem getting LED’s working. I was just using this as a reference to ask about the opacity as I’ve changed the number and it the brightness never changes.


ledState.g = {
    arc: 270,
    color: ('rgba(255, 9, 100, 0.6)'),
    blend: true,
    start: 10

LEDS don’t really represent opacity like RGB color space on screen. We’re going to work on the LED rendering code as soon as the big priorities can be complete. For now, don’t count on opacity to work, I know it’s in the docs, will remove.

Thanks for those change Sean!