Matrix Login Session Timer?

Is there some sort of timer on
matrix login

I keep getting logged out even when I have recently used, e.g. within seconds,

matrix deploy or
matrix start

I then have to keep logging back in. Anyone else having this problem?

I have this problem as well.

Yes, I have the same problem too. Very frustrating to have to continually login.


Thanks for highlighting this issue. We’re very aware of this, and we face it multiple times, every day. Trust me, we’re annoyed by it too! We’re using Firebase to generate our tokens, and they put a limit of 3600 seconds for expiration and expect us to implement refresh tokens in a non-browser environment. With a CLI tool, we are re-authenticating every time we run a command, so we face that limit frequently.

Long story short, we need to implement refresh tokens in the MATRIX CLI. One on a big list of things to do. I’ll bump it to get done faster though.


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Hey @CreatorSean.

How’s this looking? I have an up coming installation that I’d like to use the Matrix on but of course it’s logging me out on the device after every hour. Therefore the token on the device expires then it becomes even a bigger issue for me. The install is supposed to last a few weeks so this would be of course a kind of a pain :wink:



The device only needs it on first login, so as long as you don’t have a
crash, you should be fine. It should be able to use the saved id and secret
to reconnect.

We’re looking at this week to wrap up that refresh issue, we’ve finished it
in our library, so now we just have to implement it in MATRIX OS and make
sure it works all around.

Thanks! Let us see pics / video of your install!


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