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i received my CREATOR today and love it right now.

Could it be that the instructions on github regarding the wakeword on the master branch are incomplete?

Under the section RUN sample DEMO

cd matrix-malos-wakeword/src/js_test
npm install
node test_wakeword.js

it has to be writte like on the devel branch to work.

cd matrix-malos-wakeword
**cd src/js_test**
npm install
node test_wakeword.js

If you doing like this MIA is working like a charm.

If it is better to open a issue on gitub let me know.

Hope this helps newcomer.

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what is the difference between?:

cd matrix-malos-wakeword/src/js_test


cd matrix-malos-wakeword
cd src/js_test


I have to go to bed.

My mistake. I did not read correct. Sorry.

Please erase this topic.

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Hello @TuxTux,

No problem, It could be helpful for anyone.


Kevin Patino

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I’m currently using Matrix Voice w/ Raspberry Pi 3 (running Raspbian Stretch).

Whenever I run the Matrix Malos WakeWord example, mine shows ‘WakeWord Reached: voice recognition ready’ - and when I try to trigger voice commands like ‘MIA RING RED’ or just say ‘MIA’, it doesn’t respond. Anything I should do to fix this?