Matrix Microphone Array Record Voice Too Noisy

If I record audio data using matrix microphone array, the recorded audio is too noisy even after removing malos package. What to do ? It works for 16 KHz but becomes too noisy for 48 KHz sampling rate.

Hi @swadhinp,

Few days ago we found a small bug in channel_0 and channel_1. The bug is already fixed and the fix will be released in coming days.

Please, test with channels from 3 to 7 and wait for the release.

Let me know how it goes

Hello @swadhinp,

We already released the following packages:

Please run the following steps to upgrade your packages:

# Update packages and install
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

With this release, we fix this issue in the channel 0 and channel 1 of the microphone Array.

Thank You, Let me know how sound your records.


Kevin Patino

Thanks a lot. But, I have changed many codes in the code for my purpose and Cmakelist files, for example, I have implemented MUSIC for DoA estimation using Eigen3 library. Can you tell me which files I need to update ?

Is the sampling rate supported still 48KHz ? Or is it increased upto 96 KHz ?

See response from @andres.calderon here : [Solved] How to increase recording duration in HAL code?

Just a thought: the jack output of the Raspberry is very noisy (and crappy); are you sure that the noise is in the recording?