MATRIX OS [alpha] is here!


Our team is so excited to share the alpha version of MATRIX Open Source with you. It is a platform for running applications on the MATRIX Creator which lets you build IoT apps quickly and simply.

Check out the documentation here:

Attention: This is a public alpha release of MATRIX Open Source. Our APIs are under active development and you likely will encounter bugs and documentation inconsistencies. Please let us know of any problems you encounter via, or if you can easily reproduce the problem, please file an issue at

MATRIX Open Source

MATRIX OS empowers you with the ability to build IoT apps fast using JavaScript (C++ and Python soon to come). You may leverage M2M communications and an ever-growing amount of integrations with MATRIX Creator.

  • Application management
  • Sensor interface
  • ZigBee interface
  • Node interface
  • App to app communication

MATRIX Computer Vision

MATRIX CV is our approach to computer vision on low-power devices. We designed a simple interface for low-level or high-level code.

  • Face detection
  • Emotion recognition
  • Age recognition
  • Gender recognition
    * Free while in Alpha/Beta.

MATRIX Command Line Interface

We have provided simple and useful interfaces for developing MATRIX applications and managing Creator devices, as well as a local simulator.

  • Device management
  • App creation
  • App installation
  • App deployment
  • App simulator

There is so much more to come! We’re so excited to see what you will create.