Matrix OS mandatory?

Hello all !

I discovering the matrix creator board and found it very interesting ! But I was wondering if to launch matrix os is mandatory to access led, mic, sensors… from node.js file.

I’m asking this because I’m interested a lot in the hardware it has but have my own software solution and want to integrate matrix hardware into my code and don’t transform my software into a matrix app.

My idea was to install something like ‘matrix-led’, ‘matrix-sensors’… and manage them into my code directly.


Hi @jaumard, you can see at our github others abstraction to our board. If you go to src/ you can see some tests with python and javascript. Also you can work directly with HAL too (

yeah I found it and start using it ! It’s perfect :slight_smile: my only concert is about all the .proto files that are under GPL3 licence… meaning I can’t use them in a commercial product without them to be agree.
For example having a software that retrieve sensors info from the board remotely on the network.

Also it will be more convenient if there were under an npm module published on the registry, because for now we can only copy/paste them or use some git submodule which is not best options for maintainability.


Thanks for your feedback. We gonna take this in consideration to improve matrix board as much as possible :slight_smile:

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