Matrix Sensor data - wrong values - wrong setup or other error?


i set up a Raspi 3 B+ with Matrix Creator an slightly modified code examples.

By reading out the values I find unexpected results:

  • Rel. Humidity reads constantly 29.041% while environment is 79%
    –next day:
  • Rel. Humidity reads vary from 29.041 to 29.047% while environment is 38%

Temperature Day 1:
Environment 17°C
Humidity Temp 22.185°C
Pressure Temp 25,125°C

Temperature Day 2:
Environment 28.8°C
Humidity Temp 34.319°C
Pressure Temp 37.937°C

Pressure Day 1:
Environment: 102.2 kPa
Pressure Read: 244.062 kPa

Pressure Day 2:
Envirionment: 101.2 hPa
Preasure Read: 303.687 hPa

I have a strong Anker power supply with 8A max.

Can anybody give me a guess, what might be wrong with my setup?
Could it be that the humidity sensor is faulty?
But whats with the pressure sensor. Shouldn’t it provide true values?

Any hints welcome!



Welcome to the community!

The temperature from the pressure sensor will be more than the humidity sensor reading since the pressure sensor is located close to the GPIOs where the Raspberry Pi connects to the MATRIX Creator, and gets affected by heat dissipation from there, while the humidity sensor is farther away.

The temperature sensors are not calibrated by default, so you could probably add an offset, and see if that helps. We will be looking into a good calibration formula for the temperature sensor and let you know soon after some testing.

We are looking into the humidity and pressure issue, and will update you as soon as we have some more information from testing.

Thank you for your patience!


Hi Samreen,
thank you very much for looking into my issues.

Do you have a hint on how to test the humidity sensor?