Matrix Voice - Alexa responds in loop

Hey there guys,
I’m just getting started with the Voice and I love it. I’m able to use “Alexa” as the wake word, and get good responses from the API. I found an issue where if I ask Alexa to perform a task that has “her” say the wake word herself, it spawns another wake word cycle. For example, if you ask Alexa to “Spotify Connect”, the response includes the spoken words, “…Alexa App…”, which immediately stops the speech and has it start listening again.
I understand that as a workaround I can change the wake word, but ideally there’d be some sort of exclusion for when the AWS voice uses it’s own wake word. Any thoughts on how to configure something like that?

The Alexa guides we provide in Hackster and other platforms are adapted from official sample applications from Amazon. For example see For specific issues you can find a lot of resources in their wiki, Troubleshooting-Guide, and general issues in the github repo.

My advide is to go to the issues and find If someone had the same problem and if they solve it somehow. You can also go and make changes in the sample app itself. The current Alexa Guide in Hackster runs the Sample App, you can see the code here. The AVS SDK is written in C++, so you can modify/improve the Sample App as you want but it will require level of understanding of C++ and the SDK architecture itself.