Matrix Voice as a standalone Mic for Snips

I have created a repo to be able to use the Matrix Voice as a standalone Mic for Snips.

It supports flashing OTA (Over the Air). Currently no audio output, but I am working on that.
I have quite some more features in mind, but feel free to post your ideas.


I tried out your repo and am having problems connecting to WiFi. I don’t see any additional devices on my SSID and the led ring stays green. Do you have any ideas?

Some on the snips discord channel had that same issue, I currently have no solution.
I basically used this (OTA) example: and started adding features from there after some compiling issues.
That OTA example did not work with him either, so it is probably related to that network code.

My voice connected to my WiFi from the beginning, but apparently I was lucky.
Sadly I have not found a way to debug to find any errors.

Maybe I should revert to more relyable network code and build from there, but since it’s working for me it’s very hard to reproduce.

Does your router support 2.4Ghz and is it enabled?

Yes, I have 2.4Ghz enabled. I tried flashing the esp32-ota repo after fixing the compile errors and was still not able to connect. I have since tried and was able to connect to WiFI. However, I don’t think I have the OTA functionality working on my domain. It’s difficult without debugging tools.

ok cool, I will check that repo and see if I can detect some differences.
Thanks, that very helpfull

I have some small changes, can you try my repo again?

Hi there. I’m the “other from discord channel with issues getting wifi to work”. Meanwhile I restarted vom scratch (flashed sdcard + installed toolchain on Pi) but no matter what I do, I don’t see /dev/ttyS0 so that any attempt to flash a new firmware fails. But the voice is still working with previously flashed “mic_energy” demo.

We made some progress here. At least the wifi connection is up and running now and the issues seem to be hidden somewhere in the other source code.

I tried MatrixVoiceAudioServerNoOTA and was able to get it to connect to WiFI and my MQTT broker. It doesn’t work with MQTT over SSL. But good work so far @Romkabouter!

Great! I was getting disconnects to the broker myself so I have added in reconnect code, which was missing.
Indeed, no ssl as of yet but that is a very good idea indeed.
I would like to build in a webserver as well, in which you can configure your siteId and broker connection for instance. Then you would not have to rebuild and reflash the voice :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea with the web server. It would really help to have logging served over it as well.